About Us

MALLEUM was established in 2016, out of a vision to transform abandoned, run down and neglected yet beautiful buildings in the heart of Hamilton.

With a deep rich and prosperous history, Hamilton is truly unique and is experiencing an unprecedented renaissance. As a homegrown, local small business and starting with just a couple buildings, MALLEUM began to see the large demand for updated, professionally managed, and well-maintained rental units. Since inception, MALLEUM has now worked on transforming dozens of multi unit residential and commercial properties across Hamilton, and has begun to branch out to other areas in Southern Ontario.

Specializing in boutique living, MALLEUM has continued to focus on revealing the beauty beneath the surface. From the exterior facades integrating and following the original lines and curves of the building, to the exposed brick walls, revealed hardwood, retrofitting casements or integrated original fireplaces, MALLEUM strives to embrace the beauty of the past, while modernizing in the present.

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